6 Acne Myths - Wish Magazine March 2006
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6 Acne Myths - Wish Magazine March 2006

6 Acne Myths – Get to the truth about blemish busting by Dr. Lisa Kellett

Myth #1 If you have acne, you need to wash your face until it’s squeaky clean. 
Fact: People with oily skin often erroneously believe that if they can get rid of the oils on their face they will erase their acne. In reality, over-scrubbing and harsh cleansing products only exacerbate the problem. Conversely, people with dry skin can also suffer from breakouts. Amore effective skincare routine includes using gentle products that are designed for your individual skin type. 

Myth #2 Blackheads are dirt particles trapped in your pores. 
Fact: Open comedones, those darn little dots normally found vacationing around your nose and chin, are actually tiny pockets of sebum and dead skin cells that have risen to the surface of your skin and turned black due to oxidation. Resist the urge to squeeze them and try a good clay mask to life them out instead. A good facialist can also help massage them out. 

Myth #3 If you have acne, you should not exfoliate. 
Fact: Actually, exfoliation is a key to prevent breakouts. Sloughing off or dissolving the top layer of skin on a regular basis prevents excess oils and dead skin cells from getting trapped inside pores, especially the hair follicles. Exfoliating also encourages younger, fresher cells to surface. Note: Protect your face with an SPF product, especially after exfoliating. 

Myth#4 Acne only affects adolescents. 
Fact: Regardless of your age, hormonal changes can occur and contribute to acne. During puberty, pregnancy or during your period, any hormonal activity can prompt pimples to appear. Since this myth is so prevalent, many acne-fighting products on the market are targeted to younger, oilier skin, while adult skin tends to be drier and has different needs. Look for products that help fight breakouts but are also designed for mature skin, such as Clear Gel Moisturizer. 

Myth #5 Eating greasy food causes acne. 
Fact: Acne sufferers often produce more sebum, but this condition is genetic and the natural oils in your skin are not derived from the oils in fried foods. Keep in mind, however, that good fats, like those found in walnuts, avocado and olive oil, and omega-3 fatty acids from salmon, soybeans and scallops, help strengthen your skin’s ability to repair itself. 

Myth #6 Wearing makeup makes your acne worse. 
Fact: Some beauty products, even expensive ones, can clog pores and encourage or worsen acne. But this doesn’t mean you can’t wear makeup. Many cosmetic brands now offer a non-comedogenic alternative, which means they won’t clog pores. Some products also include acne-fighting ingredients.

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