Anti aging Lips - More Magazine, November 2010
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Anti aging Lips - More Magazine, November 2010

Anti-Aging – On the mouth 

By Beauty Editor Vanessa Craft

I’m not sure who missed the “aging gracefully” memo in Hollywood, but the number of celebrities in the tabloid sporting inflatable life rafts for lips seems to be growing daily.

Thin isn’t in when it come to lips, but the irony is that an overly done “trout pout” ends up advertising your age – and insecurities – rather than looking youthful.

Women may notice signs of aging around the mouth as early as their thirties (especially if they smoke or worship the sun), but the real changes occur a decade later, largely due to a loss of collagen and elastin.

“The lip border becomes blurred and less distinct, then fine lines begin to form at the lip margin,” says Toronto Dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett. “Fine, vertical lines extend from the mouth, causing lipstick to bleed, and lips decrease in size and can droop or sag.”

What can you do to counteract these changes? Kellett says a hyaluronic acid injectable filler can increase lip volume, smooth our lines and redefine the lip margin. But remember, less is more! Botox can improve the downturned corners of the mouth, and a course of ProFractional laser treatments can boost skin tone and texture. (If you opt for any of these techniques, check out your doctor’s experience and ask friends for recommendations.)

You don’t have to go invasive to see results. Instead, try using a pone per cent retinol cream around the mouth to help rebuild collagen and soften lines, and ditch the dark lipstick in favour of a light-reflecting clear or pink gloss.

Regardless of your comfort – or finance–level, some great anti-aging products are available over the counter. They range from lip plumpers (which generally work by using irritant to temporarily create fullness) to moisturizing lipsticks with antioxidants to cream that help soften the look of wrinkles around the mouth.

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