Ask a Derm - Elle Canada March 2009
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Ask a Derm - Elle Canada March 2009

Ask a Derm

Question: I have mild food allergy to nuts, but I have used skin-care products that contain nut oils and had no reaction. Why is this? How can I get rid of chicken pox or acne scars? 

Answer: ““An allergy to nuts should be diagnosed by a physician who specializes in allergies and immunology,” says Dr. Lisa Kellett of DLK on Avenue. 

“It’s the protein in nuts that causes the allergic reaction. As an example, certain medications that contain refined peanut oil don’t contain any of the protein and, after extensive testing have been deemed safe for those with allergies to use. 

However, skin care and cosmetics are not yet tested rigorously in this area, so I would advise anyone who is sensitive to nuts to avoid using products containing nut oils without consulting his or her physician first.”

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