Attacking Aging from Every Angle - Toronto Star January 6, 2006
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“You look so young!” I love it when I hear that. Who wouldn’t? Yes, I am blessed with good Italian Skin (must be all that olive oil in my bloodlines). But more of a factor, I believe, is the sun poisoning I had in Puerto Rico when I was 18. I was so ill and feverish that I have had an aversion to the sun ever since.

Consequently, I’ve been hiding in the shade for more than two decades, long before it became widely known that tanning is toxic. That, more than anything else, I believe, has preserved my skin.

I have also tried hundreds of line smoothers, wrinkle plumpers and other anti-aging lotions and potions. New product samples arrive here at the Toronto Star by the truck load and we give the vast majority away to women’s shelters. But beauty writer Daphne Gordon and I try many, too, so we know what we are talking about.

Even though my current regime seems to be working, I called Anna Kaplan, founder of the New You cosmetic enhancement show. If there’s something new in the world of anti-aging procedures, she would know. The latest installment of New You takes place Jan. 13, 14 and 15 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Here’s what to expect :- Meet the new kid’s on the block, literally. Dr. Lisa Kellett, who opened the pink-hued DLK On Avenue at 108 Avenue Rd. in the fall and Drs. Romy Saibil and Francine Gerstein of True Medispa, at 1942 Avenue Rd., are on the seminar schedule.

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