Attitudes toward aging shifting – 24 Hours Vancouver - June 27, 2011
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Attitudes toward aging shifting – 24 Hours Vancouver - June 27, 2011

‘There is no longer a cookie cutter version of beauty’

By Rosalyn Solomon

Women have more choices now than ever when it comes to enhancing their beauty. The options help, with 75% of Canadian women saying they feel more confident now than they did 10 years ago.

The FACE Report, which surveys women’s attitudes towards aging and beauty, was recently released by the FACE Institute, a group of leading aesthetic physicians.

“The look of beauty has changed – there is no longer a cookie cutter version of beauty,” said Dr. Lisa Kellett, a member of the FACE Institute and physician and founder of Toronto’s DLK on Avenue Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic.

When it comes to beauty treatment options, women today have much more choice in terms of both surgical and non-surgical treatments.

“Twenty years ago you could either have a facelift or not,” Kellett said. “We’re moving away from more drastic measures and more towards things that will enhance beauty, but not completely change the way someone looks.”

Treatments such as Botox, radio frequency tightening such as Thermage, or facial fillers like Juvederm have become standard, go-to treatments for many women. The study found that one in four women are open to having injectable treatments.

Aging gracefully is something many women are embracing. The study found nine in 10 women say they don’t mind getting older, but don’t necessarily want to look older.

For fashion icon Jeanne Beker, her look has been documented over the years as host of Fashion Television. She’s met challenges, such as having a producer suggest she get an eye job at 39 and doing it because she felt her job was threatened. But Beker says it’s all about how you feel.

“Whether I’d do it again I don’t know–never say never. But I’m at a place right now that I don’t know if I’d have to go to those drastic means,” said Beker. “For me the most important thing is really being engaged no matter what you do… it’s about self love and accepting ourselves truly, warts and all.”

More findings
* 75% of women agree the best compliment is when people can’t guess their age. 
* 57% of women wished they looked better for their age. 
* 61% of women would consider a beauty makeover as a treat for themselves anytime. 
* 56% said their No. 1 beauty wish was a glowing, refreshed complexion

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