Beauty 911 – Toronto Star, September 24, 2006
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Beauty 911

For those last-minute opening-night emergencies.
The stars make sure they know where to turn for last-minute emergencies. Because of the advanced medical training that Canadian-educated dermatologists are known for globally, many celebs and their handlers would have had special numbers on speed-dial during the festival.  According to Toronto dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett, some of the crises at festivals and their quick fixes include: 
Problem: Acne breakouts. 
Solution: There are a number of 30-something stars with acne. Lumenis 1 light treatments and intralesional injections of steroids are used to decrease the size and redness of a pimple within hours. 
Problem: Acute skin reaction to a cosmetic product. One star started a new anti-aging skin cream three days before her film’s screening and she developed a scaly, itchy red rash all over her face. 
Solution: A combo of prescription pills, a compounded prescription ointment and medically directed compresses, ensured that she was picture-perfect for her screening. 
Problem: Frown lines, forehead lines and crow’s feet. 
Solution: Last-minute touch-ups of Botox. 
Problem: Cold sores that can be notoriously difficult to hide. 
Solution: Kellett’s treatment includes a high dose of antiviral pills, which can decrease the intensity and size of the outbreak. 
Problem: Photo ops and extreme close-ups. 
Solution: Kellett steps in with “urgent” lip enhancement (usually a more prominent upper lip) or improved cheekbone definition done with a deep volume filler. 
Problem: Wardrobe changes. Celebrities change their choices days (or even hours) before the event only to realize they’re exposing ugly moles or skin tags. 
Solution: Moles and skin tags can be removed hours before a screening without visible effects. 
Problem: Sunburn.  One 20-something celeb fell asleep in the sun the day after a late night and awoke five hours later a painful shade of red. 
Solution: Prescription anti- inflammatory pills, ointments and compresses got it under control in time for her screening a few days later. 
Problem: Poison Ivy. One star spent time in Muskoka before the festival and developed a nasty case just days before her film’s premiere. 
Solution: Immediate treatment with prescription medications and a specialized topical regimen erased all traces of the unsightly red rash.

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