Beauty Girl: Help Wanted - Lou Lou Magazine - May 2005
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Beauty Girl: Help Wanted

Shine without glare? Toner troubles? Chlorine concerns? No worries… Beauty Girl has solutions that will instantly transform you from drab to fab!

Question: I’ve heard different opinions about toners and astringents. Do I need to use one?

Answer: To use of not to use? That is the question. Sorry, babe, not even the experts can agree on this one. If your face feels cleaner after using a toner, invest in a better cleanser, says Dr. Lisa Kellett, a Toronto dermatologist. Cetaphil or a product from Lisa’s own line, Clear by Dermatological Solutions, will do the trick. 

But if your toner is more of a conditioner, it can help your skin absorb moisturizers, says Leanne McCliskie, education manager at the International Dermal Institute for Canada. These pros both agree you should skip astringent-type toners altogether – unless you want Sahara-dry skin.

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