Beauty Secrets - Dr. Lisa Kellett Elevate Magazine, January-February, 2011
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Beauty Secrets - Dr. Lisa Kellett Elevate Magazine, January-February, 2011


By Marissa Stapley-Ponikowski

We asked three of the most gorgeous cosmetic professionals we know to give us the inside story on their skincare routines and tell us what’s in their enhancement arsenal too. 

DERMATOLOGIST DR. LISA KELLETT, 42 – DLK ON AVENUE TORONTO, maintains her great looks and glowing skin through sun protection, vitamin infused products and in-clinic treatments. “Just like a glass of juice is good for your body, vitamins are good for your skin,” she says.

THE DAILY ROUTINE: “I use an exfoliating, gel based cleanser twice a day (Polishing Gel Cleanser, $45;, a gel anti-aging moisturizer every night (Moisturizing Gel, $99) and a sunscreen SPF spray in the morning (Sunscreen Spray, SPF 30, $35),” says Dr. Kellett. “I always remember to apply sun block to my chest, neck and backs of my hands to protect them while I drive.” She also uses Vitamin A Booster serum ($250) and Vitamin C Booster serum ($199). “I’m diligent about using vitamin A (1 per cent retinol) at night and vitamin C (35 per cent) in the morning. I increase or decrease the amount used, depending on the season.”

THE WELLNESS FACTOR: “I drink plenty of water, eat lots of veggies and take a multivitamin supplement daily.”

THE PROBLEM SPOT: Dr. Kellett is a mother of four, so when she gets a Thermage treatment — it’s a radiofrequency based skin contouring and tightening treatment that lasts up to two years and starts at $1500 — she uses it to firm up her abdomen, as well as to tone her lower face and neck. “I also doLumenis One laser treatments (every 2 to 4 weeks, starting at $495) that work on brown spots, spider veins, pore size and overall skin tone and texture. The result is clearer skin that seems to glow.”

SECRET WEAPONS: “Every three to four months I have my nurse treat my crow’s feet, the corners of my mouth and my frown lines with Botox (starting at $240).” Botox works by reducing the contractions of the muscles that cause persistent expression-related lines that can develop over time. “I also haveHyaluronic acid filler injections to remove folds and fine lines. I like them because patients think I look fresh and rested as opposed to overdone.” (Juvéderm and Restylane injections start at $600.)

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