- June 10, 2013
Text size: - June 10, 2013

10 ways to score glowing, radiant skin

By Adriana Ermter

Supercharge your skincare routine with our expert tips and tricks that’ll help turn back the clock!

Remove your makeup

Wake up looking like a raccoon more often than not? Last night’s mascara, foundation and blush can wreak havoc on your eyes and face. Ophthalmologist Dr. Hilary Beaver from the University of Iowa reveals that sleeping with makeup or makes you more susceptible to allergic reactions and eye irritation. Acne breakouts, excessive dryness and flaking skin can also occur. “Makeup is thick and can clog your pores,” says Toronto dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett. Considering it takes 14 days for new skin cells to move from the lowest layer of your epidermis all the way up to the top, that’s a lot of trapped dead skin.

Break the habit: Stock up on makeup towelettes. They’re a quick and easy way to wipe your skin clean.

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