Chatelaine Magazine - September, 2013
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Chatelaine Magazine - September, 2013

DIY Dermatologist

By Joan Harting

Whether you’re an avid do-it-yourselfer or just want to shave hundreds of dollars off your beauty budget, load up on the ever-growing range of easy-to-use at-home devices. They do everything from simple cleansing to fighting acne and rejuvenating tired, aging skin.

The latest facial-cleansing tools make the simple washcloth seem positively Flinstonian! They use sonic toothbrush technology to massage away dirt and oil to leave your skin glowing. How do the pros feel about the increased popularity of DIY cleansing gizmos?

While Toronto Dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett acknowledges their ability to provide a more thorough cleanse, exfoliation and prep for treatment creams and serums, she has some caveats. “There’s always the possibility of misuse and overuse,” she says. “Electronic cleansers can also irritate dry skin and exacerbate or cause acne flare-ups, so people with acne and rosacea shouldn’t use them.”

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