Courtney Cox - Elevate Magazine - May/June 2010
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Courtney Cox - Elevate Magazine - May/June 2010

Has She or Hasn’t She – Courtney Cox 

By Anupa Mistry

Many of us got to know Courtney Cox, 46, as the lovable-but-neurotic Monica Geller on the ‘90s sitcom Friends. Since, Cox has transformed from New York City girl to Los Angeles cougar (thanks to her new series Cougar Town). But has she grown into her glamourous new persona or has she had cosmetic work to help her along? Elevate asks Toronto-based dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett – who has never worked with Cox – for her professional opinion.

“There are a number of procedures that patients of Courtney Cox’s age could benefit from,” says Dr. Kellett. “She could use some mid-face volume that would result in improving her nasolabial folds.” Injectable fillers in the cheeks can reduce the appearance of lines, she says, adding that using fillers in the under-eye area decreases hollows. A 40-minute, non-invasive SilkPeel treatment combines microdermabrasion and skin-specific topical formulations. “SilkPeel would remove dead skin cells and infuse agents that freshen up the appearance of the skin,” says Dr. Kellett. Sagging skin from the chest up is exposed the most on the red carpet. Dr. Kellett recommends Thermage on “the face, neck and chest to tighten without surgery.” Living in California means Cox is exposed to a lot of sun. Dr. Kellett says Cox likely benefits from photorejuvenation treatments, such as Lumenis One, “to address brown spots on the face, neck and chest.” And, of course, Botox is a staple for the Hollywood set. It helps address crow’s feet and lifts the brow, says Dr. Kellett. As for Cox’s plush lips, “the giveaway to poor lip work is the side profile and elongation of the distance between the nose and the upper lip, and since I have not met her it is difficult to say.”

The Verdict: “The best work is work that is very subtle,” says Dr. Kellett. “For example, in my patients, often their appearance is related to the look they get with a long vacation. Courtney Cox looks fantastic and well-rested.”

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