DLK On Avenue Launches Laser Hair Reduction Program For Men

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Toronto (ONTARIO) December 22, 2009 – It’s time for men to cut down on shaving time by saying astalivista to undesirable hair growth. From the unruly tuft of neck hair that springs out from a t-shirt to that annoying patch of hair on the ear lobe, DLK on Avenue is offering a unique hair reduction treatment to help men shave time off their hair removal routines by reducing unwanted and unruly hair.

Through treating hundreds of men for various skin concerns, Dr. Lisa Kellett, Dermatologist and Founder DLK on Avenue, found that there was a constant and consistent concern that seemed to arise during her consultations. “Many of our male patients initially come to us to better the health and appearance of their skin. Once they develop a relationship and feel comfortable expressing their concerns, many go on to mention that they are not 100% happy with some area of excess hair growth, with a majority of the concerns relating to the face,” says Dr. Kellett.

Based on the frequency of requests regarding treating unwanted hair in areas such as the ear lobes, between the brows, the bridge of the nose, upper cheeks, and the base and nape of neck, DLK on Avenue has created a personalized treatment plan for men called the “Shave Time Treatment”.

The goal of this treatment is to make men’s shaving much more streamlined while shaving them time in the process. The DLK Shave Time Treatment is a solution to help make men feel confident, look well groomed and still maintain a rugged appearance when necessary.

“We want to treat unsightly and undesirable hair that most men would be fine parting with,” says Dr. Kellett. “Take for example the neck, the hair grows in many different directions, making shaving challenging and hazardous as a few errant swipes and you could end up with irritable bumps, or even ingrown hairs.”

In recent years Laser Hair Reduction Treatments have evolved to make the treatment less painful, and more permanent. But in recent years men have taken a new interest in treating smaller, less obvious areas of hair growth. “We have treated hundreds of men who have chosen laser hair removal for their chest, shoulders and back but we have been seeing more and more interest in fine-tuning or customizing the facial (and surrounding) hair on men,” adds Dr. Kellett.

Noticing this trend in their industry, DLK on Avenue has focused on improving their treatment offerings specifically for men and look at the “Shave Time Treatment” as a way to improve on their existing Laser Hair Reduction. “We are moving beyond the back, or chest and letting our patients tell us what they want to change about their hair growth, and erasing it from their skin care routine,” says Dr. Kellett.

With all this time committed to shaving it stands to reason that there are countless men out there who would greatly benefit from spending less face-time shaving as even a slight improvement in time could result in several days or even weeks being saved, leaving men with more time to be men.

DLK offers the gold-standard of treatment with two unique and effective technologies available to treat even the most intricate and illusive hair. Using the latest technology, a smaller tip is used to target specific areas that may have been difficult to treat in the past.

“Every man’s needs, goals and hairs are different. We want men to look and feel their best,” adds Dr. Kellett. “We are a non-surgical clinic, it is not our goal to change the appearance of our patients, just offer them a chance to realize a better version of themselves.”

Shaving Facts
-On Average men are estimated to shave at least 20,000 times in their lifetime
-Ninety percent of all adult males shave at least once a day
-In their lifetime, a man will spend approximately 5 months of actual time shaving

Now Available
Men will be able to schedule a personal assessment at DLK on Avenue to discuss the areas they would like treated to determine the best treatment program. Prices will vary based on treatment size and hair type.

DLK on Avenue
Located in Toronto, DLK on Avenue is Canada’s premiere state-of-the-art skin care facility, delivering the highest standard of clinically effective, medically directed skin care treatments.

Founded by Dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett, DLK on Avenue is Toronto’s only dermatology clinic that brings together:

• The latest advancement in innovative technological therapies; and
• The highest level of personalized attention and continued support; and
• A highly trained team of onsite medical experts led by Dr. Kellett, all to deliver the most sophisticated and effective skin treatments available toda.

DLK on Avenue
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For further Press Information please contact:
George Diavolitsis, Manager Strategic Development, DLK on Avenue
Email: george@dlkonavenue.com | Phone: 416-440-2597

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