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Dr Lisa Kellett in the Media

“So I’m on a mission to find clear skin, and my first step is to meet with dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett of DLK on Avenue in Toronto to get some answers.” – Canadian Living, September 2013

“To get the scoop on how to deal with some of the unpleasant effects travel has on your skin, we consulted with the best in the biz, Dr. Lisa Kellett, Dermatologist at DLK on Avenue in Toronto.” – Pretty Chic Travel, April 2013

“I recently had the pleasure of interviewing board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Lisa Kellett, who is the mastermind behind some of the most radiant complexions in Canada. She offered some great advice for any athlete who wants to take better care of his or her skin.” – Bodybuilding.com, October 2012

“We’ll take the wisdom that comes with getting older any day, but to cope with the resurgence of inflamed, red acne breakouts, we talked to Dr. Lisa Kellett, a dermatologist at DLK On Avenue in Toronto, for her expert skin-clearing advice.” – Ellecanada.com, April 2012

“Two days before my wedding, I had an Oxygen Facial at DLK (Madonna is said to be a huge fan of them) and I can tell you my skin never looked better as I walked down the aisle.” – Weddingbells, December 2011

“The staff are all incredibly friendly and will walk you through the entire process if anything makes you uncomfortable at all. Everyone who works at DLK has incredible skin and swears by the Microdermabrasion treatment.” – The Hip Urban Girl – July 25, 2011

“Dr. Lisa Kellett is like the Glinda the Good Witch of dermatology – you just know she’ll kindly and expertly save you from any skin woes.” – Fashion Magazine, May 2011

“Each patient is treated like royalty at this contemporary clinic, which recently added car service. Injectables are a big draw here – Dr. Kellett uses Mesolis technique; a series of micro-injections near the temples and ears lift skin. The Thermage CPT System interweaves pulses of radiofrequency with cooling bursts to banish saggy skin on the upper arms and belly.” – Fashion Magazine, March 2011

“Dr. Lisa Kellett, founder of DLK on Avenue has raised the bar in effective skin-care for both men and women.” – Women’s Post, January 2011, Top 20 Women of 2010 – Dr. Kellett

“Dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett, 42, maintains her great looks and glowing skin through sun protection, vitamin infused products and in-clinic treatments.” – Elevate Magazine, January/February 2011

“I’m a big fan of benzoyl peroxide. Put a bit on a Q-tip and apply to the pimple,” advises Dr. Lisa Kellett. – Flare Magazine, November 2010

“According to Dr. Kellett, Latisse is only one of many non-surgical options available to women wanting to enhance the look of their eyes.” – National Post, December 11 2010

“Dr. Lisa Kellett, a Toronto-based dermatologist, sees the nonsurgical realm as the wave of the future.” – Fashion Magazine, October 2010

“Sun spots, age spots and precancerous spots have an alternative treatment called photodynamic therapy. One of Canada’s top dermatologists, Dr. Lisa Kellett has put it into practice on her patients.” – Zoomer Magazine, Summer 2010

“Before resorting to the scalpel, Yorkville women are lining up for a new treatment in which a therapeutic-grade oxygen infuser applies a wrinkle busting serum to the skin.” – Toronto Life, Best of the City, August 2010

“There are a number of procedures that patients of Courtney Cox’s age could benefit from,” says Dr. Kellett. – Elevate Magazine, May/June 2010

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