Drug Store Diva - Lou Lou Magazine November 2005
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Drug Store Diva

by Angelique Mertel and Doris Montanera

When it comes to the thousands of cosmetic products sold in drug stores, we’re never sure what hype to believe or what stuff to buy. So we went to the experts to walk us through the aisles of our local drug store. Here’s the best of the best of what they’ve found. 

The pro: Dr. Lisa Kellett, Dermatologist, DLK on Avenue Lisa has worked with a diverse clientele. She is the creator of her own line of products developed to treat adult acne and has recently opened DLK on Avenue (a dermatology and cosmetic laser-surgery clinic that delivers medically-directed skin-care treatments), located in the tony Bloor-Yorkville area of Toronto. 

AVEENO SHOWER AND BATH OIL: “Pour two or three capfuls of this oil into your bathwater, and, when you get out, pat yourself dry – no rubbing! Do this before bed so the oil can soak into your skin overnight.” 

LA ROCHE-POSAY LIPIKAR BAUME ANTI-IRRITANT LIPID-REPLENISHING BODY BALM: “I recommend this balm to my patients who have severely dry, irritated skin. The balm replenishes lipids, which keep your skin from drying out in winter.” 

LIFE ESSENTIALS GENTLE SKIN FACIAL CLEANSER: “This cleanser is great for sensitive skin. To make your own exfoliant, add a quarter-teaspoon of sugar to one tablespoon of facial cleanser. You can use either white or brown sugar, but white sugar makes a gentler exfoliant. Use this home remedy a couple of times a week.” 

NEOSTRATA MOISTURE INFUSION DAYTIME: “This moisturizer with sunscreen contains eight percent glycolic acid, a type of alpha-hydroxy acid that helps get rid of dead cells on the surface of skin, making it brighter. Good quality at the right price.” 

STIEFEL RETISOL-A TRETINOIN CREAM TOPICAL ACNE THERAPY: “A cream that’s great for anti-aging. It comes in a variety of strengths. I start by prescribing the 0.025% cream, then the 0.05% up to the 0.1%. I like that the product contains sunscreen.” 

CETAPHIL THERAPEUTIC BARRIER CREAM: “This hand cream is great in cold weather. It’s nourishing, not sticky, and it creates a barrier on the skin, so your hands are protected even after they get wet.”

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