East Indian Beauty - Cosmetics Magazine - May/June 2005
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Beauty Q & A - East Indian Beauty: Makeup Tips and More

By Alix Fuller

Cosmetics:  Every time a pimple, insect bite or burn heals, it leaves a dark spot on my skin that doesn’t go away for months. What’s going on?
Dr. Lisa Kellett:
  This is common among men and women of East Indian descent, according to Dr. Lisa Kellett. It’s called post-inflammatory pigmentation and occurs after any trauma to the skin. Basically, you have three choices: use a mild skin lightener, cover the spot with concealer, or just wait it out.

 C:  My skin tone is quite uneven, with some lighter and darker areas, How can I create a natural makeup look?
Dr. LK:
  First of all, figure out which shade is predominant by checking against your neckline to make sure you’re going to match the colour that’s closest to your neck and shoulders, says Melissa Gibson, M.A.C. Senior Artist. You could try something like Studio Tech, a foundation in compact form, which isn’t too matte or too creamy. Have two compacts so you can blend them to create your own colour or use a brush to apply the darker shade to darker areas, the lighter to lighter areas. Then you blend, blend and blend some more.

 C:  I often get ingrown hairs under my arms and on my bikini line. Any suggestions?
Dr. LK:
  I’m assuming you shave. When someone has coarse hair, the freshly cut end sometimes curve back and re-enter the skin, a condition that’s called pseudofolliculitis. So, the logical thing to do would be to stop shaving. You might want to try waxing or a mild depilatory but, since these can irritate your skin, Dr. Kellett recommends you consider something more permanent, like laser hair removal or electrolysis. However, if you must shave, Dr. Kellett says that a topical antibiotic in a glycolic acid formula dabbed on afterwards can sometimes be helpful.

C:  What are the best colours for my dusky skin tone?
Dr. LK:
  Vibrant colours…anything with a gold, golden brown, bright pink or red undertone, plum and eggplant- all are gorgeous on your skin tone, says Gibson. And the East Indian complexion shows frosted or shimmery shades very well. But, really, once you get your foundation right, personal preference comes into play. Sure, ask a pro for advice but, if you like a particular shade, go ahead and wear it.

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