Egg whites -, March 2, 2010
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Egg whites -, March 2, 2010

Are egg whites good for skin?

Answerbag Experts:

On One Hand: Short-Term Benefits
Applying egg whites to your skin can provide short-term benefits for certain skin conditions. The usual process is to apply them all over the face, let them dry, and then rinse. Dr. Lisa Kellett, a Canadian dermatologist, suggests that doing this can minimize and reduce the appearance of pores. Also, there are reports that egg whites can produce tighter skin, and improve the overall texture of the skin’s surface.

On the Other: Temporary Results
Though egg whites provide some skin benefits, the gains are only temporary. There is no evidence to show that applying egg whites to your skin will produce any long- term results. The Beauty Brains, a website where beauty scientists answer consumer questions, suggest that the tightening and pore-reducing effects caused by egg whites is due to the protein molecules in them. Sarah Bellum, a scientist on the website, says that these molecules make your skin feel tighter immediately, but after the whites are washed off, the tightness disappears. Pores may briefly appear smaller after the egg treatment, but they will enlarge again since Dr. Kellett says there is no treatment for permanently reducing pores.

Bottom Line
There is no concrete evidence that egg whites provide any long-term results for the skin, but there are short-term benefits. Smaller pores, tighter skin and a smoother complexion have been reported as immediate and temporary results. Even though egg whites are beneficial to some, people who have food allergies should be careful when using raw egg whites on their skin. Anyone deciding to test them out should do a test on a small area of the skin prior to spreading egg whites all over the face.

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