Fashion Shops Toronto – March 2007
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Fashion Shops Toronto – March 2007

Lunchtime needle hit or extensive body lift – here’s where to get the best aesthetic fixes.

DR. LISA KELLETT DLK on Avenue, 108 Avenue Rd., Toronto 416-440-2597, dlkonavenue. com

Kellett is a well-kept secret (oops, guess she was) on the glossy, plumped puckers of Toronto’s well-heeled-including fellow derms and plastic surgeons-largely due to her epidermal peels, and her mastery of the laser, which she uses to remove tattoos and treat everything from rosacea to saggy skin.

She’s also the first doc in North America to offer UltraShape, a painless treatment that liquefies fat using focused ultrasound to break down fat cells in stubborn areas.

We’d be lying if we said the slick environs weren’t also a draw.

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