Fight Acne All Over - - July 20, 2009
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Fight Acne All Over - - July 20, 2009

Body Care: Fight Acne All Over – Pimples don’t just pop up on your face—back and chest acne is a big problem, too. And as the weather heats up and the clothes come off, there’s no better time to clear up skin all over. Toronto Dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett has the solutions you need.

What are the main causes of body acne? 
According to Dr. Lisa, Principal Dermatologist at DLK on Avenue in Toronto, the main culprit when it comes to body acne is – no surprise here – hormones. Contributing factors are occlusions – like helmets, leotards, and anything that rubs on the skin gathering oil and sweat and hair products such as hairspray and gel exacerbate the problem, too.

How can you decrease the likelihood of body acne? 
Dr. Lisa recommends the following: 1) Shower after physical activity 2) Wear clothing that “breathes”, such as natural fabrics including cotton and silk (wool is the exception) 3) And avoid skin and hair products containing minerals

How should teens care for chest and back acne differently than facial acne? 
“The skin is thicker in these areas, therefore there are many great topical preparations such as medicated soaps,” says Dr. Lisa. Talk to your dermatologist about what they recommend.

Should teens develop a skin care regimen for their back and chest, similar to using a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer on their face? 
Dr. Lisa says yes. Cleansers, toners and acne treatment gels, which contain moisturizer can and should all be used when treating body acne. Avoid any creams or lotions, on these areas. Gels are best.

Sunscreen is a body care must, but it’s known to be greasy. Are there any ingredients to look for/avoid in sunscreen that will help decrease the likelihood of body acne? 
A great one is a clear alcohol-based SPF 30 spray sunscreen. It is light yet very effective, and the non-greasy formulas are great for hair bearing skin.

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