Glow's Best Medi-Spa - Glow Magazine - April, 2009
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Glow's Best Medi-Spa - Glow Magazine - April, 2009

Glow’s Best – Medi-Spa
DLK on Avenue

Any fears that you’re experiencing about undergoing a new treatment dissipate the moment you walk into Dr. Lisa Kellett’s clinic.  It’s welcoming, beautiful and soothing – as is the good doctor herself. My treatment plan begins with a medical consultation; from there, a customized program is developed to suit my needs. Service options range from laser and radiofrequency treatments and Microdermabrasion to Botox and Injectables. 

The Toronto Dermatologist and her team treat a variety of medical and cosmetic concerns, including excessive sweating, scar removal and skin smoothing. 

That may not sound much different from any other large Dermatology clinic, but where Dr. Kellett stands apart is in her level of service. This is a team that cares about you long after you leave the clinic. Their follow-up checks leave no doubt that I’m in good hands. 

And when it comes to something as important as my skin, that’s invaluable.

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