Hair Removal - FASHION Magazine, Summer 2010
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Hair Removal - FASHION Magazine, Summer 2010

Maximum Exposure 

By Joanne Farrell

Five high-performance ways to prepare to bare all for summer.


While it’s tough to top Gwyneth Paltrow’s “you changed my life” enthusiasm for the Brazilian wax, we can admit that less is more south of the border. Permanently. The latest machine on the market is the LightSheer Duet Laser, which has two treatment heads (hence the name). The high-speed, vacuum-assist head stretches the skin and expands the hair follicle, and is used to treat larger areas quickly; the chilled-tip head – which is similar to the lasers you’re accustomed to seeing – transmits energy to the base of the follicle, and targets specific small areas. For the bikini, both heads get a workout. “For years, laser hair removal was seen as a painful and embarrassing procedure, says Dr. Lisa Kellett of Toronto’s DLK on Avenue. “Who wants to admit they have excess body hair? As technology evolves and people become more comfortable discussing their treatments, the taboo of ridding yourself of unwanted hair has become much more mainstream and socially acceptable.”

Cost: about $200 per treatment; three to six treatments recommended. 
Pain/Gain Quotient: Minimal discomfort. You’ll feel a slight pull and pinch with the vacuum-assist head, but it’s easier to take then a wax. The chilled-tip head gives a slight burning sensation when the laser hits your skin, but it’s tolerable.

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