Help Wanted! - Lou Lou Magazine October 2005
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Help Wanted! – Hair too short? No worries… Beauty Girl has solutions that will transform you from drab to fab!

Q: Are there products that will make my hair grow faster? 
A: Alas, no, says dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett. If a scissors-happy hairdresser has given you a cut you’re not happy with, you’ll have to live with it for a while. Hair grows only about one centimeter a month. The most you can do is massage and exfoliate your scalp with products that unclog your pores and stimulate your hair follicles to grow, says Tary Roossien, new product development manager at Salon Mode. 

Following up each wash with a protein-based conditioner (such as Salon Mode Hydrate Conditioner, Pantene Amino Pro-V Deep Moisture Renewal or Bain de Terre Fine Solutions) will also help by protecting your hair from split ends – so you don’t have to cut it – and by making it look fuller and more lustrous.

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