High-Tech Program To Combat Acne - Canada NewsWire - October 24, 2002
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Dr. Lisa Kellett Develops High-Tech Program To Combat Acne

Treatment Plan Uses State-of-the-Art Laser Technology and Offers New Hope and Significant Results For Adult and Adolescent Acne Sufferers

TORONTO, Oct. 24 /CNW/ – SpaMedica, Canada’s pioneering Cosmetic Surgery and Advanced Laser Dermatology Clinic, has launched a new program to treat acne. A comprehensive, multi-faceted approach, the SpaMedica Acne Program will be highly effective for all those who suffer from mild to severe forms of the skin condition. The program will effectively treat acne and, at the same time, utilize SpaMedica’s expertise to ensure the patient’s skin is looking its best at all stages of the treatment program.

“Ninety percent of adolescents and, increasingly, adults suffer from mild to moderate acne,” says Dr. Lisa Kellett, SpaMedica’s Director of Cosmetic Laser Dermatology. “The program we have developed attacks the very causes of the acne and is individualized to meet each patient’s needs. SpaMedica’s Acne Program combines the best of established treatment modalities with highly advanced technology – the new ClearLight device – and includes established SpaMedica skin treatments that play a significant role in the treatment of acne. While the program is ideal for adolescents, it is particularly welcome news for the increasing number of adult women who suffer from acne,” says Dr. Kellett.

After one month, and eight twice-weekly treatments, 80% of all patients with mild to moderate papulo-pustular acne will show a significant improvement of acne lesions, with a 60% decrease of total acne lesions at the end of one month, and a 70% decrease of total acne lesions at the end of six weeks. “In clinical trials of the ClearLight, acne lesion clearance was three times faster than for control subjects who received oral and topical antibiotics, but did not receive ClearLight as a part of their treatment,” Dr. Kellett explains.

ClearLight is Acne Treatment’s New Weapon
Pivotal to the program’s success is the new ClearLight technology, the latest advancement in the treatment of acne that replaces the use of older technologies such as the pulsed dye laser. The “UV safe” ClearLight emits high-intensity, narrow band, enhanced blue light. This non-ablative light source is directed at the skin twice weekly throughout the program, each session lasting 15 minutes.

The ClearLight program causes no discomfort, no reddening and no down time – patients return to activities immediately after treatment.

ClearLight technology penetrates the skin 1-2 mm deep, where the light works by triggering chemical substances in the acne lesions called porphyrins. The ClearLight excited porphyrins have a photodestructive effect on propionibacterium acne, a bacteria which plays a significant role in the development of acne. This photodestructive effect occurring in the acne lesion results in the death of the acne bacteria – and subsequently the clearing of the acne.

The ClearLight technology is an integral part of the acne program, which begins with a consultation with Dr. Kellett. “I assess the severity and the nature of the condition and look first for medical – possibly hormonal – reasons for the acne,” she explains. An individual’s program can include topical treatments such as Vitamin A derivatives, oral antibiotics if the condition requires it, and a prescribed series of ClearLight treatments and Ultrasonic Peels.

A unique component of SpaMedica’s Acne Program is its emphasis on the skin’s appearance as well as on treatment efficacy. “In the past, acne treatments have resulted in skin that has been too dry, limiting their use by patients,” says Dr. Kellett. “What we can do – and do very well – at SpaMedica is ensure that both during and after the healing process the patient’s skin looks the best it can.”

To ensure good looking skin and resolution of the acne lesions, SpaMedica acne patients undergo Ultrasonic Peels, which play an important role in the treatment. Ultrasonic Peels use ultrasonic energy to vibrate epidermal cells away and liquefy the plugged ducts of the sebaceous glands that allow the acne to exist.

“Ultrasonic Peels are wonderfully effective, gentle, and will not harm skin with acne, even for those patients with sensitive skin,” says Dr. Kellett.

SpaMedica is the country’s foremost Cosmetic Surgery and Advanced Laser Dermatology Clinic offering a full range of services to resurface, restore and revitalize the skin. The clinic uses the safest, most advanced and efficacious surgical and laser technology available today.

SpaMedica, located at 66 Avenue Road in Toronto, is under the direction of SpaMedica owner Dr. Stephen Mulholland, M.D., F.R.C.S.(C.). Dr. Lisa Kellett is SpaMedica’s Director of Cosmetic Laser Dermatology and co-owner of the Infinite Vitality Clinic.

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