Hot Legs – Elle, July 2007
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Hot Legs – Elle, July 2007

Expert Dr. Lisa Kellett, dermatologist

What’s new? “UltraShape is the only treatment that liquefies fat per­manently,” says Kellett. (Fat is broken down the same way that focal ultra­sound blasts kidney stones.).
Who’s it for? People who are fit and healthy but who have stubborn areas of fat. For best results cut carbs and fat for about a week before and after. Eat high-protein foods and lots of vegetables and fruit, and drink eight glasses of water a day.
Downtime: None 
Duration and cost: Derma­tologists recommend three one-hour sessions over a period of a month, for a total of $3,000.
Other op­tions: Thermage uses radio frequen­cies to boost collagen production and appears to tighten the skin. Spas offer the Accent and Vela Smooth cellulite treatments, which tempor­arily smooth the skin. Accent uses unipolar and bipolar radio frequen­cies, while Vela Smooth uses bipolar radio frequencies, infrared light and a vacuum action.
Topical options: Caffeine-infused creams, gels and patches cause blood vessels to di­late. This results in swelling, which temporarily improves the look of the dreaded “orange peel” skin. 
You’re so vein 

What’s new? Sclerotherapy and EndoVenous Laser Treatment (EVLT). 
Who are they for? Anyone with visible superficial or deep veins. These treatments are not for people with leaky valves (valve insufficien­cy) or for pregnant women . 
How do they work? With sclerotherapy, a medicine is injected into small varicose veins, capillaries and spi­der veins, causing them to swell and then close down. EVLT is used on larger varicose veins.

• For best results don’t tan before or after either treatment. When a laser is used on tanned skin, some of the light is deflected from the blood vessel and absorbed by the melanin in the skin. A tan also makes the skin more prone to pigment changes and burns from the laser.

• Downtime from none to bruising for up to a week

• Duration and cost on average, sclerotherapy costs $200 for a 10-minute session. EVLT is slightly more costly, aver­aging around $300 for a 20-minute session. (It depends on the number of veins treated.).

Topical options:

• Support hose can help prevent vis­ible leg veins.

• Tinted moisturizers and self-tanners diminish the look of spider veins.

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