Laser Hair Removal - - April 12, 2010
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Laser Hair Removal - - April 12, 2010

WEDthings – According to Alison 

By Alison McGill

Bridal Beauty Must – Laser Hair Removal 

Last Thursday, I found myself at DLK on Avenue in Toronto, lying face up, arms stretched above my head, goggles strapped on, ready to test drive the clinic’s new laser hair removal technology.

The LightSheer Duet Laser Hair Reduction treatment zaps hair at the source, destroying the follicle. This new system works quicker than previous laser systems—as an example a man’s back can be treated in 20-30 minutes versus 1.5 hours. Now voluntary pain is never something I put myself out there for, but DLK founder Dr. Lisa Kellett and my treatment therapist Helen both assured me this underarm lasering would be a cinch; it would be over in a few short minutes.

Helen administered 13 zaps total—six under my right arm; seven under my left. The sensation of the laser on my skin was a mild pinch and a zap. My ultra-sensitive skin was a little pink immediately after, but quickly calmed and was looked and felt completely normal that evening. I will probably need three to four treatments to get rid of my underarm hair permanently—yahoo!

I will keep you posted of my progress, but this is certainly one treatment I think would be a fabulous investment before your wedding. Just think, you could wave bye-bye to razors and waxing and never have to worry about your legs/arms/bikini line, or whatever your problem area is again. Sounds like a smart investment to me. LightSheer treatments at DLK on Avenue start at $199.

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