Lash Lengthener –, November 11, 2010
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Lash Lengthener –, November 11, 2010

Style Thursdays: Lash Lengthener Part 2 

Posted By: Beauty Buff

If you missed last week’s announcement, here’s the news: Latisse, the lash lengthening product that Brooke Shields uses and advertises is now available in Canada. Earlier this week, I spoke with dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett about the specifics: side effects, what to expect and how you can get it.

Dr. Kellett started by saying that she’s using Latisse and is really impressed with the results so far. “Okay, it’s not going to save someone’s life,” she laughed, “but it works really well.” In studies Latisse showed a 110 per cent increase in eyelash thickness and 78 per cent increase in overall eyelash prominence.

So far, the main side effect reported is irritation around the eye — but that’s only in 4 per cent of users. Commercials in the US for Latisse warn about the possibility of pigment change of the iris but that side effect was only found in 1.5 per cent of users of the drug that Latisse was based on, a glaucoma treatment that was put directly into the eye.

One other downside? The results aren’t necessarily permanent. You have to keep using Latisse to keep your new long lashes. Just like the hair on your head, you lose lashes. Each eyelash goes through about a five-month cycle with different three distinct phases. Latisse is believed to increase the duration of the growth phase, letting your lashes get thicker and longer.

How do you get it? Well, you ask your physician for a prescription. You don’t need to have an pre-existing condition, just a piece of paper with your doctor’s signature. Be prepared though, Latisse doesn’t go for the same price as your drug store mascara. It’s around $150 a bottle. Dr. Kellett recommends spending about $300 and getting 120 single uses per eye — that’s about four months worth.

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