Makeup with SPF - Cosmetics Online, June 11 2010
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Makeup with SPF - Cosmetics Online, June 11 2010

Is Makeup with SPF enough?

By Dave Lackie


Is makeup containing an SPF of 10 or 15 enough protection for summer? That’s a question more and more consumers are asking unsure of whether they need to wear a daily sunscreen as well as makeup.

“I have many patients who ask this question,” says Dr. Lisa Kellett. “And it is one that is really important to understand. Makeup with SPF is never enough to protect against UVA and UVB rays for a couple of reasons. First, the level of protection, a 10 or 15, isn’t high enough to adequately protect skin. You need to wear sunscreen with SPF30 or higher. And secondly, makeup with SPF doesn’t protect against UVA rays – the ones that go deep into skin and cause great damage.” Kellett says to think of makeup with SPF as an added bonus. But one that is never a substitute for sunscreen.

“Always apply a broad spectrum sunscreen first thing after cleansing in the morning. Then allow it five minutes or so to settle into the skin. After that, apply your foundation and makeup. You want to apply the most important skincare product first and that is always sun protection”

Over 80 percent of what we consider the signs of aging (ie. wrinkles, brown spots, liver spots, rough texture) is due to sun damage. So if you want to look younger, longer, wear sunscreen daily. Underneath your makeup.

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