Men's skin care tips – Cosmetics Magazine - February 15, 2011
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Men's skin care tips – Cosmetics Magazine - February 15, 2011


We’ve interviewed dermatologists, skin scientists, doctors and skincare specialists across the country to find the most effective anti-aging regime for men. Here’s your best, results-driven approach to skincare. 

The most effective anti-aging ingredient can’t penetrate into the skin to do their work if there is a thick layer of oil and pollution on the surface. Get into the habit of using a gentle cleanser morning and night to remove the impurities from your face. Gel formulas work best for oily skin and creams for dryer conditions. Use luke-warm water and be sure to thoroughly rinse when finished.

The direction of beard growth can be haphazard, so always tell men to lubricate the beard very, very well before shaving.” Says Dr. Orentreich. “The hair is a protein that has the ability to absorb a lot of water. Just think of it as spaghetti – when it is dry, it is very difficult to cut. When it is boiled, it is very easy to cut. The same is true with our beard.’’ Use a good quality shave gel or cream to reduce friction on the surface of the skin when shaving. Invest in a good quality razor. And always shave in the same direction as the beard. Remember, use a light hand. Don’t press down with force. If you suffer from ingrown hairs and irritation, replace your blades every five days.

After cleansing and shaving, skin needs a good moisturizer to lock in water. This will make your skin feel more comfortable and will plump up skin to hide fine lines and wrinkles. It will also sooth any irritation from shaving. Think of it as a protective barrier for your skin as you head out to face the day.

“My male patients are very results-oriented,” says Dr. Lisa Kellett. “So I usually prescribe a Retinol or vitamin A product to address wrinkles in patients after the age of 30. It’s still the gold standard in anti-aging ingredients.” This is the step where you can address any specific skincare concerns such as acne, crow’s feet, or wrinkles.

We’ve saved the most important step for last. Apply an alcohol-based sunscreen every day – summer and winter. Over 80% of the signs of aging are caused by sun damage. Prevent any more damage and give those anti-aging ingredients a chance to work with daily protection.

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