Men’s Skincare - Cosmetics Magazine - September/October 2009
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Men’s Skincare - Cosmetics Magazine - September/October 2009

Ask a Dermatologist: Understanding Men’s Skincare Concerns

Much has been made in the press about the growing men’s skincare market. But as a dermatologist, you have insight into how men approach the whole idea of caring for skin. To start, how do your male patients differ from female clients?

Dr. Lisa Kellett: My male patients are very results oriented and often make quicker decisions about going ahead with treatment once they’ve decided that they have found the right physician. Younger male patients are more open to new treatments especially those that are advanced technologically.

Cosmetics: What are the most common skincare concerns men come to you with?
Dr. K.: Men complain of looking tired, brown spots on the back of their hands and face, dark circles under their eyes, large pores, spider veins and blotchy uneven skin. I’m definitely seeing more male patients today compared with five years ago.

Cosmetics: How does male skin differ from a woman’s? 
Dr. K.: Male skin often has thicker dermis and tends not to be as sensitive as female skin.

Cosmetics: How do you address the issue of acne with male patients? This can have such a devastating effect on a person’s self-confidence during teen years. 
Dr. K.: I think deep down male teen patients have the same insecurities as female teen patients. But they don’t voice them as readily. After all, everyone wants healthy-looking skin. I’d say it is important to keep in mind that guys can be very embarrassed by acne and to treat them with care.

Cosmetics: What product should a teenaged guy use every day? 
Dr. K.: Everyone should be using an SPF 30 product daily. An alcohol-based sunblock spray is especially good for sun protection in acne-prone skin.

Cosmetics: At what age, should men change their skincare regime? 
Dr. K.: It depends on the patient, but in general, by the age of 30, men should be looking at a more anti-aging routine.

Cosmetics: What information do beauty experts across the country need to know about men’s skin? 
Dr. K.: Men’s skin has the same basic needs as female skin. The first and most important is sun protection. Next is good nutrition, a retinol or Vitamin A product for aging and a monthly skin self-evaluation. It’s important to check for any abnormally shaped moles or spots and have them checked by a doctor if they change in shape or size.

Cosmetics: What have your learned working with male patients over the years? 
Dr. K.: I think that male patients are my most grateful and happy patients especially because I specialize in non-surgical enhancement. I have lots of stories of memorable clients both celebrities and average men, but I will take them to my grave with me and protect their secrets.

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