No Need to Let Scars Mar - 24 Hours - July 18, 2005
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Many of Dr. Lisa Kellett’s patients have something to hide

For the most part, there are no dark secrets lurking within. It’s what’s on the surface that troubles them the most: scars. The saying might be that a person is “scarred for life,” but Kellett says that’s not entirely true. There are options few people are aware of.

If appropriate, she recommends patients start with the least expensive option – coverup creams. They’re more effective than in the past, and, for many, it does the trick.

If that doesn’t work, there are silicone sheets on the market that might. When applied to a scar, the technology mimics the natural barrier function of healthy skin and hydrates it to diminish the scar’s appearance and size.

Steroid injections are a common treatment but must be administered by a physician and start at $50. Laser treatment, which has a starting price of $350, can also be effective. “I usually start with the cheapest and easiest,” Kellett says.

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