Ones to Watch in '06 - National Post December 2006
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Ones to Watch In ‘06 – To ring in the New Year, here is an entirely subjective and idiosyncratic compilation of some of the people who will make their mark on Toronto in 2006.

Dr. Lisa Kellett Age: 37 Occupation: Cosmetic Dermatologist, DLK on Avenue

Why she’s carved out- sans knife- a place for herself amid the congested cosmetic surgery strip along Avenue Road. Having refined her skills over seven years down the street at Spa Medica, she recently opened a $5-million, 10,000-square foot facility devoted entirely to non-surgical skin enhancement, in what was formerly the luxe landmark spa Mira Linder.

Hers is a customized program (she’s developed a line of 32 products) that combines traditional medical treatments with new technology in a private club environment.

Fun Fact Ever the multi-tasker, she arrived at the hospital “exactly six minutes” before giving birth to her third child two years ago. Meanwhile, her financier husband, John Bujouves, jokes she bought six pairs of boots within a six-week period of the pregnancy.

Quote unquote “As a woman, I think it’s really ironic that most of the people I see are women; however, most of the industry leaders are men. It’s 2006, and its time!”

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