The Pop Culture Rainman - May 22, 2014
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The Pop Culture Rainman - May 22, 2014

Electric Youth; Skin Lasers That Will Give You ‘The Glow’

I can spot it from a mile away on the red carpet…Even from Far Angelina’s Beauty Radiates…

It’s that diaphanously dewy, almost see-through like skin texture seen courtesy of some of Hollywood’s most famous actresses. With the advent of HDTV {high-definition television}, skin—famous skin—has to be über flawless, now more than ever.

The secret to getting such an incandescent glow is via various skin lasers—and the good news is it’s readily available for all women, not just Hollywood ingénues.

“The only way to trick collagen production is to get heat into the skin,” says dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett from DLK on Avenue, “and lasers by their very nature produce heat.” Dr. Kellett uses a Laser beam or Micro Laser Peel [beam] also known as ProFractional to reach the deeper layers of the dermis and the results are extremely effective with minimal down time.

Skin is visibly smoother, pores are smaller and a youthful glow is achieved. “You get a lifting and tightening of the top layer of skin which reflects light really well,” says Dr. Kellett “plus you get the added generation of collagen underneath which can last for *up to 6 months plumping up fine lines and acne scars.”

Being absolutely skin obsessed myself, I simply had to try this treatment. While I don’t possess any acne scars nor noticeable lines or wrinkles, I was adamant about achieving that luminous skin tone that I see on starlets ready for their close ups. “Any time you see the kind of light reflection you are noticing on celebrities,” assures Dr. Kellett “It’s [usually indicative] of having laser treatments.”

At DLK on Avenue headquarters in downtown Toronto, I am nestled comfortably in one of their lovely treatment suites. I begin by marinating in a very effective numbing cream for 20 minutes that has my face fully frozen in preparation for this, my first Micro Laser Peel! The Micro in this case means at a lower heat frequency for a quicker recovery than a full throttle Laser Peel. This is good news as my skin is akin to an antenna and is extremely sensitive in terms of being reactionary. Passionate Sexy Times can often leave me looking like I just bikini waxed my neck and face (I don’t even know what that even means?) and my beau’s gristly beard doesn’t do my delicate skin affliction any favors. TMI? Ahem.

The laser works its magic via tiny micro channels that are zapped into my skin, actually damaging the outer layers so that newer fresher skin cells can emerge. Despite the cream, there are areas that I can feel being treated, but it is definitely a tolerable sensation. “Thank goodness I only got the Micro,” I exclaimed mid zapping. “I wouldn’t be able to tolerate a stronger pulse due to my skin being-like-a-satellite-dish-scenario”.

The only other bit of truth serum that I would add, is that there is a strong malodorous scent of burning flesh that accompanies the treatment—and calling it anything else would be rather dishonest. But I immediately think of the No Pain, No Gain speech given by Deborah Allen’s character Miss Lydia Grant from the 80′s hit TV show Fame where I supersede “Fame” for “Beautiful Skin” and the word “Sweat” for… well, you get the idea!

Post treatment, I have to admit I look very swollen, and my face is a shade of tomato red usually reserved for career alcoholics. My medical aesthetician Lindsay is incredibly doting and professional, bringing me small ice packs the size of small pillows and cold bottled water, while administering a protective petroleum jelly salve to soothe my skin…which no shred of a lie was on FIYAH! She allowed me to stay in the suite for as long as I wanted, reclining while reading some fashion magazines. Dr. Kellett came to see me to make sure I was feeling ok—which I was, and answered a host of extra questions on post treatment protocol.

The red dots on my face make me look like a human Lichtenstein cartoon, but I’m assured that after 24-48 hours they will drop off in various forms of minor peeling and flakes.

I am instructed not to touch my face or shower for at least 24 hours. I am given a small bottle of 70 SPF sunscreen to put on at my leisure, a take-home kit of petroleum jelly, gentle cleanser, some ice packs and other accoutrements that escape me at press time. I was told not to scrub my face hard when washing, and to let the ‘dots’ fall to their death naturally, like a snow flake…or a Kardashian marriage.

My pores which normally are the size of small pot holes, have visibly shrinked dramatically in size a few days later and my skin is soft and sparkling with renewed vitality and health. Not the exact after-glow I was coveting, but after only 1 treatment—and a Micro one at that, I have to arrange at least two more treatments to get that desired see-through effect.

I receive a cheery follow-up call from Dr. Kellett on day 2 post treatment, and she further recommends a UVA/UVB broad spectrum SPF of 30 (no more no less!) going forward. On any given day, Dr. Kellett would encourage any one of her patients to avoid the sun during peak hours of 11am—2pm, but post laser work this is not a suggestion but rather skin gospel that one acquiesces to without question!

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