Power Lunch - Elle Canada April 2006
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Power Lunch

Women are skipping sushi for a noonday trip to the plastic surgeon’s office. What’s on the menu? 

A dusting of face powder and a fresh coat of lipstick used to be the only way to give your looks-and your spirit-an instant boost. Now women have the power to enhance their features-and even transform themselves-with the same nonchalance as booking an afternoon spa appointment. 

Dr. Lisa Kellett, a dermatologist in Toronto, credits the recent boom in quick, non-invasive mini-facelifts, wrinkles erasers and waistline-trimming procedures-the so-called “lunchtime plastic surgeries”- to advances in technology. According to a survey by Medicard Finance, the number of patients having non-surgical facelift procedures in 2003 grew by 325 percent from the previous year, while injectable fillers were up 23 percent and liposuctions increased by 16 perscent. (Medicard Finance is a Canadian credit card company that finances elective medical procedures.) 

“We live in a here-and-now society,” says Kellett, whose clinic, DLK on Avenue, saw the longest lunchtime lineups last year for injectable lip and wrinkle fillers. “All of our patients want an alternative to the knife-and-stitch approach, and they want immediate and measurable results.” Choosing the safest and most effective options from the array of face and body innovations available is still the biggest challenge.

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