Radiant You – ZOOMER Magazine – September, 2011
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Radiant You – ZOOMER Magazine – September, 2011

ATTITUDE HER – Radiant You

By Athena McKenzie

WE OBJECT TO THE TERM “youthful glow,” comfortable in the knowledge that radiance can be achieved at any age. Boost your beauty routine by incorporating skin brighteners to even out tone and illuminators that cause light to bounce off the face, giving skin that desirable quality. Toronto-based dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett recommends a product with brightening agents in it that are compatible with your sunscreen. If you use a radiance cream during the day, she reminds you to apply it after an SPF product of 30 or higher.

For those who want to supplement with a treatment at the dermatologist,Kellett says, “Lumenis 1 treatments are idea for fading brown spots and red blotchy skin and to make skin more homogeneous.” This procedure uses light (intense pulse light) to heat up collagen in the dermis, sparing the delicate outer layers of the skin.

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