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Dr. Lisa Kellett Dermatologist at DLK on Avenue (108 Avenue Rd., 416-440-2597,

Q. Why are you so passionate about skin care? 
A. “There are a lot of things you can do short of surgery to make skin look better, so I think it’s good to promote this notion. And because the results are so visible and immediately seen, it’s very rewarding and exciting to see.” 

Q. What are some of the little details that make your place different from other dermatology centres? 
A. “When you come in, you’re greeted by someone, but all calls are taken upstairs (to keep it) very patient-centred. You also pay at a separate station from where you check in, so that’s very private. We also offer a VIP entrance and exit for anyone who’s self-conscious. And all our facial treatments start with a back massage. It’s a nice way to start and get people relaxed. People don’t pay attention to their backs, so it gets them thinking that skin’s not only on their faces.” 

Q. Why are all your treatments offered as programs rather than a la carte? 
A. “Everyone’s different: their skin, their expectations, their budget, their downtime. And people also don’t come in and say they want to be lasered: they say, ‘I have a brown spot or wrinkles.’ So it’s my job to sit down with them and decide what is best for them. No two people get the same program. I even dissuade people from buying a bunch of treatments because you don’t know how many you’ll need.” 

Q. But you can stop by and not necessarily need a program? 
A. “Yes, you could come and have a facial. Some people just want to know what they should be using. But it gives people an opportunity to see a dermatologist. It used to be difficult because (in the past) they needed a referral from their family doctor. Now you can just call for an appointment.” 

Q. Do you think that as a woman you bring something different to the table? 
A. “A couple of things. One is that I can empathize when someone comes in and says, ‘This really bothers me.’ It might not be a problem (to me), but I understand that if its something you see every morning in the mirror and it bothers you, its an issue. Its important to listen and hear people. Also, I think people are more comfortable telling me exactly what they need and what they can afford.”

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