The Skiny - September, 2012
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The Skiny - September, 2012

3 Common Skin Blunders

By Helen Vong

Popped a pimple? Got burnt by wax or depilatory creams? Relax. I’ve done it all and lived to tell. Thankfully, our go-to derm, Dr. Lisa Kellett of DLK On Avenue in Toronto, has always been there to help me heal up my skincare blunders quickly. Now I’m sharing my most recent embarrassing S.O.S. skin moments with you so you’ll know exactly what to do when you have your own similar skin slip up.

EMERGENCY: “I used Nair on my upper lip for the first time. I followed the instructions but still got burnt. Now the skin on my upper lip is raw, red, and stings. Help!”
 Ouch! If the skin is still open or oozing then a topical antibiotic ointment or cream twice a day should be applied to prevent infection. You should also consider laser hair reduction for a more permanent solution. When there is no hair to remove there, there is no use for Nair at all!

EMERGENCY: “I know I shouldn’t have done it, but I picked at a zit until it burst. I don’t want it to scar. What should I do?”
DLK SAYS: Firstly, wash your face gently with an exfoliating gel cleanser. Then apply a thin layer of 5% benzoyl peroxide. This will help to prevent infection and also help with the present breakout. Of course, the best treatment of acne is prevention so I suggest a 5% benzoyl peroxide in a gel base that also has an active in it to help clear it up, as well as, the spots that are sometimes left over from acne.

EMERGENCY: “I got a brazilian wax the other day and got burnt in one spot. I’m also prone to ingrown hairs in that area. Oh man, I’m doomed, right? Is there a better way to remove hair down there?”
DLK SAYS: Oh my, that’s sounds painful. If the skin is not open, a hydrocortisone ointment can be prescribed to heal the area faster and also to help prevent pigment change that can sometimes occur following a burn. To prevent ingrowns, the best option is to remove the hair completely with laser hair reduction.

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