Spring Clean Your Skin - Zoomer Magazine - April 2011
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Spring Clean Your Skin - Zoomer Magazine - April 2011

By Kim Izzo

Winter is harsh on aging skin, making it flaky, rough, dull and inelastic. Toronto-based dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett suggests spring as a good time to refresh our complexions by ridding them of dead skin. “I tell all my patients to exfoliate twice a day, as one of the cheapest and fastest ways to better looking skin,” she says. And who doesn’t want their skin to glow like model Beverly Jackson?

Kellett advises using an exfoliator with small beads in a non-foaming gel base but to avoid exfoliators with rough grains if you have sensitive skin.

If you’re looking for a medically directed approach, Kellett advises a SilkPeel Infusion, which exfoliates, delivers nutrients and replenishes moisture by using a patented hand piece whose treatment head exfoliates and infuses condition-specific serums deep into the epidermis. These serums can also address fine lines, wrinkles and overall skin texture.

“Especially after the winter has stripped the skin of its shine, there’s no better way to stimulate cellular turnover than to use both of these methods for a fresher, healthier looking complexion,” says Kellett.

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