THIGHS, BUTT & STOMACH - FASHION Magazine - Summer 2009
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THIGHS, BUTT & STOMACH - FASHION Magazine - Summer 2009


Call it what you will: orange-peel skin, dimples, cottage cheese… the fact is, most women of a certain age develop areas of cellulite and fat that no diet or amount of exercise seems to diminish. With descriptors like “non-invasive,” painless,” “safe” and “effective,” UltraShape’s ultrasound technology can help eradicate those unwanted fat cells (a.k.a. cellulite).

How does it work? While you lie down, a therapist holds an ultrasound paddle against your chosen body part. The machine liquefies the fat from the cells, sending it to the liver to be absorbed and/or excreted. Typically, three one-to-three hour sessions over about two months are recommended, resulting in a loss of up to nine centimeters of body mass and with it, reduced cellulite.

“Take the stomach or love handles. You know, the muffin top,” says dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett of DLK on Avenue in Toronto. “That would cost about $600 and up per treatment, and three treatments are standard. “We’ve had some patients who’ve had one treatment and have lost one pant size.” Granted, the UltraShape doesn’t guarantee you’ll never pinch an inch again, since the body’s accumulation of fat is a never-ending cycle, and the system doesn’t work on smaller areas like arms and neck, but the results are immediate and no downtime is required.

Recent technological advances have made the procedure more efficient: the machine now emits 50 per cent more ultrasonic pulses, reducing treatment time. News flash: There are whisperings of innovative fat-busting treatments waiting on the horizon, like LipoSonix, a high-frequency ultrasound already available in Europe, and ProLipo Plus, a minimally invasive, high-powered laser currently used in the U.S. Stay tuned –rumour has it both systems are being evaluated by Health Canada and may be available in clinics soon.

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