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DLK On Avenue Scar Program offers the most effective and comprehensive scar treatment currently available.

One of the reasons for its incredible success is that it consists of multiple treatment modalities to give the best chance of improving the appearance of scars. Scars resulting from trauma (cuts, burns, bites, accidents), surgery, acne, mole removal and other causes can be treated with success. This includes thickened scars (keloid and hypertrophic), atrophic (depressed) scars, red scars and white scars.

Step 1: Comprehensive Medical Assessment
Dr. Lisa Kellett, the principal Dermatologist at DLK, personally assesses each patient’s skin condition through a detailed skin and health history, review of previous treatments and skin examination.

Step 2: Individualized Treatment Program
Dr. Lisa Kellett will design an individualized DLK Scar Treatment Program for each patient which might include some or all of the following:

  • DLK Non-Ablative Laser Resurfacing Treatment improves the appearance of acne and injury scars and restores skin tone and texture for healthier, brighter skin.
  • DLK’s Complete Skin Solution Treatment is the next generation of laser and light-based all-in-one technology delivering an effective suite of the most essential dermatological treatments including a wide variety of scars.
  • DLK Fractionated Laser Resurfacing Treatment uses a laser micro beam to treat thousands of pinpoint areas of your skin resulting in a quick healing time. The laser is able to treat a wide variety of skin conditions such as scars, wrinkles, skin laxity, and photo damage and unlike other lasers, is useful for all skin types and tones and works on your entire face: forehead, eyes, nasolabial folds, lip lines, chin and even the neck, chest and hands.
  • DLK Vascular Laser Treatment is one of the fastest and most effective methods to flatten scars, reduce redness and improve scar texture. The procedure takes 20 minutes and patients can immediately return to regular activity.
  • DLK Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Treatment uses multiple wavelengths of light to gently remodel the collagen in the skin resulting in a less obvious scar and a decrease in the redness of the scar. The procedure takes 20 minutes and patients can immediately return to regular activity.
  • DLK Erbium Laser Treatment uses energy to target water in the skin and improve the appearance of brown spots, scars, fine wrinkles and results in an overall improvement in skin tone. Each treatment takes 60 minutes and is made painless with the use of local anesthesia.  Average healing time is approximately 1 week.
  • DLK Steroid Injections are helpful treatment options to reduce redness and flatten scars. Each procedure takes 20 minutes and patients can immediately return to regular activity.
  • DLK Dermal Infusion Treatments are a safe, painless, and non-invasive treatment that allow the skin to achieve a deep delivery of patient-specific solutions. This medically directed treatment offers a unique technology that combines several benefits in one treatment, improving skin tone and texture and pigmentation. Recommended for all skin types.
  • DLK Microdermabrasion is a superficial type of treatment using very fine crystals of aluminum oxide to remove the dead outer layer of the skin resulting in a smoother skin surface. The procedure takes 30 minutes and patients can immediately return to regular activity. A series of treatments is recommended for best results.
  • DLK Chemical Peels are topical preparations including lactic acid, glycolic acid and salicylic acid which act to improve skin surface texture and pigmentation. The procedure takes 20 minutes and patients can immediately return to regular activities.
  • DLK Medical Skin Care Program is a customized at home daily regimen consisting of medical grade skin care products to optimize treatment effects and maintain good results. Programs are customized for each patient to ensure they are using the best products for their individual skin care needs.
  • Prescription Medications may be prescribed in conjunction with DLK Treatments as part of our multifaceted approach to maximize results in a short period of time.

Step 3: Results
Results of scar treatment are up to a 95% improvement but are variable depending on the treatments performed, the cause of the scar, the type of scar, body site, thickness, depth, individual healing, immune function, infection and skin type.

Cost: Since every DLK Scar Treatment Program is custom designed for each patient, the cost will vary. A quote will be given during consultation.

To schedule your treatment or consultation please call 416-440-2597.

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