viva magazine - Spring 2014
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viva magazine - Spring 2014

Done in 60 Seconds

Even though most men don’t want to admit it, their skin needs care too. Here’s the quick route to getting healthy, touch-worthy skin.

As most women can attest, skincare is not always an easy task – which is why many men stick to the uncomplicated routine of wash and dry. Great skin is, however, possible in just seconds – if you stick to the basics and know what to do. Here’s how any man can have great skin, with minimal time and effort.


“The best way to get better-looking skin is to exfoliate once a day using a non-foaming cleanser with mechanical beads, so you’re clean without being too dry,” says Dr. Lisa Kellett, M.D., a Toronto-based dermatologist.

In the battle between mechanical and chemical exfoliants, Kellett believes most men stay away from chemicals because they’re more complicated and don’t always fit into a man’s simple routine. They are also more likely to cause peeling and flaking.

Men are not immune to aging, so they need to use sun protection (of course this also protects from skin cancer) and a product with retinol. The latter is the only ingredient proven to reduce aging and boost collagen remodeling.

Since men have hair-bearing areas on their faces, Kellett recommends products that are clear over creams, which can be greasy. For retinols, Kellett recommends a serum, again to keep the texture of the product light for bearded areas. As for sun care, a clear spray sun block (first sprayed into hands and then applied to face) is the cleanest, easiest way for men to get the necessary sun protection.

For men who have acne, use a five per cent benzoyl peroxide-based product once or twice a day. Other products, such as facial pads soaked with salicylic acid or glycolic acid are good to use when a breakout flares up on the back or chest area.

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