What's Your Skin Regimen? - Anokhi Vibe, Winter 2005
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What’s Your Skin Regimen? 

Research by: Dev & Monika Bhondy 

Whoever said beauty is just skin deep was spot on. Looking good on the outside is all about the care and maintenance of our inside. The skin, made up of its multi layers, needs to go through a daily ritual of cleansing to achieve a healthy, youthful appeal. This is even more crucial during winter months when cold weather can take its toll, drying out our face and losing that vibrant glow. We all need to take care of our skin, but remember, men and women’s skin differ, so both should be cared for accordingly. 

Check out AV’s picks for the 3-step girl’s and 5-step guy’s daily skincare routine. 

Clear Acne Treatment Program 

STEP 1: Clear Start, non-irritating, exfoliating cleanser 

STEP 2: Clear Acne Treatment, non-irritating anti-acne and anti-aging ingredients to heal, sooth and nourish 

STEP 3: Clear Completion, moisturizes and protects without compounding the problems of acne skin

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