Wrinkle Relief - Flare Magazine - December 2004
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Wrinkle Relief - From $27 to $750, here’s the real deal on the latest antiaging formulas

Clear Acne Treatment Program, $129 
What it is: a four-step adult-acne and antiaging line that treats blemishes and livens up dull mature skin.Star ingredients: The 2.5% benzoyl peroxide content in the Clear Acne Treatment controls acne but doesn’t dry your skin; salicylic acid and vitamins A and E in the Clear Masque exfoliate and deliver a fresh complexion. Why try it: It feels dreamy. The willow-bark extract in the cleanser and moisturizer soothes flared-up skin on contact. 

Chanel Ultra Correction Sérum, 30 mL, $125 
What it is: A lotion that helps restore youthful contours and restructure sagging skin. You massage it on before your regular cream. Star ingredients: Yeast extract and rice peptides tighten the gap between the dermis and the epidermis and firm up your complexion. Why try it: A Chanel beauty consultant will teach you a relaxing facial massage that boosts the serum’s effect. 

La Prairie Skin Caviar Intensive Ampoule Treatment, $750 
What it is: a six-week treatment applied after cleansing, a.m. and p.m. Star ingredient: Skin Caviar extracts firm and tighten; vitamin C and a whitening complex combat dull skin and age spots. Why try it:It’s fresh. The treatment comes in 12 ampoules (two per week) to keep its ingredients potent. 

L’Oréal Age Perfect Double Action De-Crinkling & Illuminating Treatment, 30 mL, $27 
What it is: a moisturizer that’s applied in the a.m. Star ingredients: Elastium reduces discoloration and hides imperfections; vitamin C evens out your skin’s surface. Why try it: Clinical studies show that topical vitamin C can reduce fine lines. 

Shiseido Bio-Performance Super Lifting Formula, 30 mL, $84 
What it is: This firming lotion is the last step of your skin-care regime (apply it after your moisturizer).Star ingredients: A bio-yeast extract produces collagen; soybean derivatives and glycerin tighten up skin immediately. (Read: supple, firm, glowing skin.) Why try it: Light-diffusing ingredients brighten up your skin as soon as you apply it. 

Dior Capture R-Lisse, 50 mL, $45 What it is: a cream that you apply before moisturizing, let dry for five minutes and rub off for instant results. Star ingredients: A Bi-Skin complex made of algae and polymers penetrates wrinkles and fills them out. Why try it: Although some diligence is needed to slough of cream, skin is noticeably smoother.

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