Intense Pulse Light (IPL) or Foto Facial

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DLK’s state-of-the-art IPL Technologies stimulate and remodel collagen for skin tightening and pore reduction, constricts blood vessels to reduce and control redness and spider veins and targets dark pigment to reduce brown spots, and helps to even skin tone and to decrease the appearance of scars.

Many body sites can be treated including the face, neck, chest and hands. IPL uses light to heat up the collagen in the dermis and stimulate collagen remodeling. The superficial part of the skin is spared so there is no injury to the outer layers of skin and thus there is little or no downtime. IPL is a safe and effective treatment with no recovery time and patients can return to normal activities immediately. A series of treatments done every 3-4 weeks is recommended for best results. Treatment is usually very well tolerated and takes about 20 minutes.


  • IPL is a safe and effective treatment with no recovery time;
  • Effective in treating a variety of skin concern;
  • Rejuvenates and gives the skin a smoother, more youthful appearance;
  • Stimulates collagen and improves skin texture;
  • Reduces redness and spider veins;
  • Reduces the appearance of brown spots.

THE TECHNOLOGY: The facial skin is made up of three distinct layers: a visible outer layer on the surface called the epidermis, a collagen-rich under layer beneath the surface called the dermis, and an inner layer beneath the dermis called the subcutaneous layer. When the collagen in these three layers breaks down due to sun exposure, family heredity, or the normal aging process, your skin reduces production of collagen and begins to thin and underline pigment or redness begins to appear on epidermal layer of the skin.

Naturally, treatments that work on just the surface can’t do anything to restore the collagen in the under layer or the inner layer of your skin. IPL emits intense pulses of light to penetrate all layers of the skin. During the treatment, collagen is stimulated and blood vessels under the top layer of skin constrict, reducing redness and pigmented lesions.

During the treatment, protective goggles are placed over the patient’s eyes and a thin layer of conductive gel is applied. A hand piece with a cool tip is placed against the skin and the skin is treated with a very brief pulse of light which feels like the snap of a rubber band.

The heat emitted by the IPL treatment treats the undesired lesions by triggering the natural healing process. The procedure takes 20-30 minutes and the patients can return to the regular activity immediately after. A cool gel is applied to the skin to avoid direct contact with heat and the IPL has a built in cooling for patient safety and comfort.

Exclusion Criteria For Laser and Light Treatments:
You should not have laser or light treatments if you have had unprotected sun exposure or used tanning beds or tanning creams in the last 4 weeks; are or may be pregnant; have active infections or an immunosuppressive disease; have open lesions; have active Herpes virus infection; or are using a drug called Accutane which can interfere with skin healing.

The skin cannot be tanned at the time of treatment as this can make the treatment less effective. SPF 30 daily is recommended. Patients should let their provider know if they are taking any antibiotic medication prior to treatment.

At home the skin can be cleansed daily with a mild cleanser and we can give you some recommendations according to your individual skin care needs. Makeup can be applied immediately after the treatment.

A series of IPL treatments can help restore a more youthful appearance without downtime or a prolonged recovery. For optimal results, it is recommended that a series of 6 treatments scheduled 2-4 weeks apart be administered followed a maintenance treatment every 3-4 months.

To schedule your treatment or consultation please call 416-440-2597.


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