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          Dermal Filler Treatment in Toronto

          DLK on Avenue is proud to offer a range of dermal fillers at our clinic in midtown Toronto. Injectable fillers can plump thin lips, improve volume loss in cheeks and chin, and soften facial creases and wrinkles. They can also improve the appearance of recessed scars, dark under-eye circles, and sagging earlobes.

          What Are Dermal Fillers (aka Facial Fillers)?

          A dermal filler (also known as a facial filler) is a gel-like substance injected into the skin. The goal of a dermal filler is to improve your appearance by smoothing lines, wrinkles and restoring loss of volume. Injectable fillers are used most often to smooth away the lines around the nose and the mouth, to enhance lips and to restore lost fullness to the cheek and chin area.

          There are many Injectables including hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite, and collagen. Hyaluronic acid is a normal component of human skin that holds water and causes a plumping effect.

          You're only a step away from a new life!

          Dermal Filler Treatment at a Glance

          Procedure Length
          20 to 30 minutes
          Recovery Time
          No downtime
          Results last from 4-6 months up to 2-3 years and will require repeat injections every several months to maintain desired effect
          Pain Level
          Mild discomfort
          None required; ice may be applied after treatment

          Why Choose DLK on Avenue for Dermal Fillers?

          A dermal filler (also known as a facial filler) is a gel-like substance injected into the skin. The goal of a dermal filler is to improve your appearance by smoothing lines, wrinkles and restoring loss of volume. Injectable fillers are used most often to smooth away the lines around the nose and the mouth, to enhance lips and to restore lost fullness to the cheek and chin area.

          There are many Injectables including hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite, and collagen. Hyaluronic acid is a normal component of human skin that holds water and causes a plumping effect.

          DLK on Avenue clinician injecting dermal fillers

          Toronto’s Injectable Filler Experts

          DLK on Avenue’s team of medical experts is led by renowned Dermatologists, Dr. Lisa Kellett and Dr. Sonya Abdulla. The expertise, esteem, and talent of our staff is second to none. Learn more about our staff here.

          Dr. Lisa Kellett

          Dr. Kellett approaches cosmetic enhancement and skin care by developing and supervising individualized, specialized treatment regimens for every patient that walks through the DLK On Avenue doors. Her ability to put patients at ease and combine dermatological medicine with the latest technological advances results in the best skin care and injectable techniques.

          With her many accomplishments, which include being a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada and a graduate of the University of Toronto’s prestigious medical school with training in Internal Medicine and specialized Dermatology, Dr. Lisa Kellett is often in frequent demand to report on trends and advancements in skin treatments, and she is a great professional to have by your side during your dermal filler treatment.

          Dr. Lisa Kellett-1

          Dr. Sonya Abdulla

          Dr. Abdulla is a leader in the industry of Aesthetic Medicine, being recognized for the natural results she is able to achieve for her patients through holistic yet customized treatment plans that address specific concerns. Her main goal is to maximize your results, minimize your recovery time, and help you look and feel more confident and beautiful.

          Dr. Sonya Abdulla is an injectable and laser specialist who frequently teaches her peers about the most coveted techniques of Aesthetic and Laser Medicine. Her medical opinion is extremely sought-after and she is an active consultant to companies like Neutrogena and L’Oreal Canada. Dr. Abdulla’s passion for rejuvenation and regenerative medicine, she will be your go-to doctor for injectables like dermal fillers, lifts, and contouring treatments..

          Dr. Sonya Addulla

          How to Prepare for Dermal Fillers

          While fillers are generally safe and effective, you should do a few things to prepare for your appointment. First, be sure to clean your face thoroughly and remove all makeup. This will help the filler adhere better and reduce the risk of infection.

          Second, avoid taking blood-thinning medications for at least two weeks before the procedure. This includes aspirin, ibuprofen, and fish oil supplements.

          Third, avoid sun exposure as much as possible. Fillers can cause excessive bruising if the skin is exposed to too much sunlight.

          Finally, make sure to eat a healthy meal before your appointment. This will help reduce the risk of dizziness or lightheadedness during the procedure.

          During Your Injectable Filler Treatment

          Your Injectable Treatment procedure at DLK on Avenue takes place in our beautiful, medically supervised clinic after your consultation. During your consultation, you can outline any specific concerns and needs you may have, and different filler products best suited for your concerns will be recommended. A customized treatment program will be developed and your individual concerns and goals will be met.

          Dermal Filler Aftercare and Recovery

          Treated areas may be slightly swollen and red following the procedure, but these effects generally disappear within a few hours to a day. Treated areas might feel numb, swollen, firm, or sore for a few days and may appear bruised.

          It is recommended that you return two weeks after your treatment for a follow-up appointment to ensure that your results are optimal and the healing process is going well. It is important that the amount of movement or sleeping on the injection area be minimized for the next 48-72 hours (e.g. minimize smoking and/or drinking from a straw, sleep on your back, and avoid excessive touching of the treated area).
          When treating dark under-eye circles, there can be bruising and swelling following treatment that can last for a few days as a result of the tissue under the eyes being thin and more sensitive. These side effects can be treated with the use of cold compresses and sleeping on 2 pillows to keep your head elevated and blood flowing.

          Injectable filler results are typically immediate and a single treatment session will often achieve your desired improvements in the treatment areas. Different products vary in duration and effect.

          Types of Facial Fillers

          There are many types of dermal facial fillers that can help you look younger, restore lost volume, or plump up areas of the face to rejuvenate your look. Facial fillers can help with many concerns, such as:

          When it comes to looking and feeling younger, many people turn to dermal fillers. These injectable treatments can help with many areas of concern, such as:

          • Wrinkles

          • Chin Enhancement

          • Under Eye Hollows

          • Hand Rejuvenation

          • Cheek Enhancement

          • Jawline Enhancement

          • Nose Symmetry

          • Lip Enhancement

          Lip Fillers

          Dermal fillers can be injected into the upper, bottom, or both lips to give you a fuller looking pout or correct thinning lips caused by age. Lip fillers are safe and effective to plump your lips via a few quick injections.

          Cheek Fillers

          To correct hollowing cheeks and create a more youthful appearance, cheek fillers can reduce the look of sunken-in cheeks, fine lines, and wrinkles in the hollowed areas of the skin. Cheek fillers are a non-invasive option to rejuvenate and refresh your face, turning back the clock by years! 

          Nose Fillers

          Nose fillers are often used during a “non-surgical rhinoplasty”, correcting asymmetry and bumps in the nose. This is a non-invasive way to correct the outer appearance of the nose and the nasolabial folds, correct crooks, asymmetry, and bumps via small injection sites.

          Wrinkle & Fine Line Fillers

          The most common use of dermal fillers is to fill in fine lines and correct the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin, to get rid of pesky forehead wrinkles, smile lines, crows feet, brow lines, and lines around the nose. Dermal fillers are one of the safest options for anti-aging skin treatments that boast immediate results. 

          Skin Volume Fillers

          If you suffer from loss of volume under your eyes, below your brows, or in the hollows of your cheeks, dermal fillers to replace the volume and give you a full, youthful-looking face once again. 

          Skin Laxity Fillers

          Dermal fillers not only correct signs of aging by filling in fine lines and improving the appearance of lost volume, but they stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities and collagen production to correct skin laxity issues, decrease sagging, and prevent future signs of aging from appearing too quickly.

          Benefits of Injectable Fillers

          Injectable fillers are a treat way to “try on” different solutions to correct signs of aging, loss of volume, thinning lips, and an asymmetrical nose without making a permanent commitment. Some benefits of dermal fillers include:

          • Reduced signs of aging

          • Increased skin volume

          • Corrected asymmetry in the nose

          • Fast, non-surgical procedure.

          • Quick results so you can show off your rejuvenated look ASAP

          • Long-lasting results, especially if you attend maintenance appointments

          • Short procedure times

          • Minimal discomfort

          • No downtime

          Side Effects of Injectable Fillers

          There are very few risks associated with dermal fillers, as they are extremely popular and have had a lot of time to be improved over the years so as to not pose a risk to patients. Fillers can always be removed if there are any complications, but some side effects of dermal fillers can include:

          • Redness and swelling around the treatment area

          • Itching, tender skin

          • Bruising around the injection site

          • The body may reject the filler in rare cases, but allergy risks and health complications are often determined before your treatment

          Book Your Consultation at DLK on Avenue

          DLK on Avenue’s area of expertise is cosmetic dermatology and laser surgery. Please feel free to leave us a confidential voicemail after business hours and we will get back to you within one business day. We look forward to giving you a dermal filler treatment that will leave you with head-turning results!

          Dermal Fillers FAQ

          How long do dermal fillers last?

          Dermal fillers last from 4-6 months up to 2-3 years. No injectable is 100% permanent and all will require repeat injections to maintain the desired effect.

          What happens when dermal fillers wear off?

          As the results of the fillers fade, your skin will return to its original state and collagen production will go back to being quite slow, which is why maintenance treatments are always recommended if you want to keep your refreshed, rejuvenated results.

          How often should I get injectable fillers?

          Since some dermal fillers can last for up to 2 years depending on the patient and the filler used, a maintenance treatment is recommended every 4-6 months to continue enjoying optimal results.

          Are dermal filler injections safe?

          Dermal filler injections are extremely safe and the chance of experiencing moderate to severe side effects is very rare. This is why many people seek out fillers as their first treatment - they allow you to “try on” the effects that other procedures can correct surgically, without being invasive. The worst thing that can happen is the filler is injected into a vein instead of the skin, but that will never happen when you are in the hands of trained professionals like the DLK on Avenue team.

          Are Dermal Fillers Right for Me?
          To find out if this treatment is the best fit for your individual skin concern, contact us directly. Dr. Kellet will assess your needs and develop a program built specifically for you.
          To schedule your treatment or consultation please call 416-440-2597.
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