Mole Removal

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DLK’s Shave Technique Treatment is an effective treatment used for the removal of moles that protrude above the skin’s surface.  DLK on Avenue in Toronto is home to Dr. Lisa Kellett who performs all treatments.

Once the area is numbed with anesthetic, a scalpel removes the portion of the mole that is above skin at skin level. Usually, a flat, white mark is left in place of the mole, however in some cases the flat mark may remain the same color as the mole was.


  • Safe and quick, can be done in 10-20 minutes;
  • Precise technique is used by Dr. Kellett to avoid the risk of scarring;
  • Suitable for moles that are irritated by clothing or shaving or aesthetically displeasing
  • Sutures are not always needed for proper healing
  • All moles are sent to the lab for diagnosis

No special preparation is necessary on the patient’s part prior to the procedure.

The mole removal procedure takes approximately 10-30 minutes, depending on the size of the mole. The procedure is done in and out-patient setting at DLK on Avenue and depending on the size and the type of removal and other circumstances, patients only requires a local anesthetic. There should be very little or no pain during any of the procedures themselves. After local anesthetic has worn off, the area may be tender and red. After the procedure, eventually a scab will form on the surface where the mole was and should fall off in one to two weeks. The redness around the area should disappear within four weeks.

After any of the procedures, the area may be covered with a bandage. Apply petroleum jelly twice daily for 7 days. Patients should avoid getting the area wet or moist to lessen the threat of infection, delayed healing or other possible complications. In all procedures, the scarring is usually minimal. Ranging from a small, white line if sutures were used to a white oval where the mole once was, you can minimize the scar darkening by using sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor of 15 or more.

Results vary from patient to patient. It is difficult to predict the exact result of a given mole removal without actually treating it.

To schedule your treatment or consultation please call 416-440-2597.


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