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        Cheek Filler Treatment in Toronto

        Have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed your cheeks aren't as full as they used to be? It's not just you; it happens to many of us as we age. This subtle change can make us look tired or worn out, even when feeling the opposite. The good news is that there's an effective, non-surgical way to turn back the clock on this particular sign of aging. DLK on Avenue offers the latest cheek filler products to restore your cheeks' youthful plumpness, giving your face a softer, more refreshed look. 

        What are Cheek Fillers?

        Cheek fillers are cosmetic treatments that restore volume to the cheeks, enhance facial contours to plump up the area, smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, and provide a more youthful and revitalized look. Various cheek fillers are available, including hyaluronic acid, poly-L-lactic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite, and others with unique properties and longevity.

        The cheek fillers used at DLK on Avenue stand out among cheek fillers for their unique approach to enhancing facial volume. Unlike immediate fillers that add volume beneath the skin, the filler acts as a collagen stimulator, encouraging the skin to produce more collagen, the protein responsible for the skin's strength and elasticity. 

        Over time, as the skin produces more collagen, the cheeks begin to volumize naturally, leading to a more gradual and lasting improvement in facial fullness and contour. 

        You're only a step away from a new life!

        Cheek Fillers at a Glance

        Procedure Length
        20 to 30 minutes
        Recovery Time
        No downtime
        Results last up to 2 years and require repeated injections every several months to maintain the desired effect.
        Pain Level
        Mild discomfort
        None is required; ice may be applied after treatment

        Why Choose DLK on Avenue for Cheek Fillers?

        At DLK on Avenue, our esteemed team is led by Dr. Lisa Kellett, an expert in dermatology and filler treatments. Our mission is to offer safe and effective cheek filler procedures within the comforting environment of our Toronto-based medical facility.

        Dr. Lisa Kellett

        Dr. Lisa Kellett differentiates herself in the field of dermatology with a unique approach that combines individualized treatment plans, cutting-edge laser technology, and the latest in injectable techniques to ensure exceptional results. As a highly credentialed expert, her insights are sought after in the media, and she contributes significantly to the advancement of skin care through her research.

        Dr. Lisa Kellett

        How to Prepare for Your Cheek Filler Treatment

        Before your cheek filler treatment, we ask that you avoid using blood thinners such as aspirin or ibuprofen and fish oil supplements for two weeks to minimize excessive bruising. Additionally, make sure to eat a healthy and well-balanced diet and drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your procedure. It is also advised to avoid alcohol consumption 24 hours prior to your appointment since alcohol can increase the likelihood of experiencing swelling or bruising post-injection.

        On the day of your treatment, please arrive with a clean and makeup-free face. If you have any medication questions or concerns, please discuss them with your injection specialist during your consultation.

        During Your Cheek Filler Treatment

        During the treatment, protective goggles are placed over the patient’s eyes and a thin layer of conductive gel is applied. A hand piece with a cool tip is placed against the skin and the skin is treated with a very brief pulse of light which feels like the snap of a rubber band.

        IPL uses wavelengths to correct skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation and signs of aging. The energy waves pass through the epidermis to the targeted lesions in the treatment area. The light heats cells and destroys them, causing your body’s natural healing response to kick in and boost your collagen product to clean up any imperfections.

        The procedure takes 20-30 minutes and the patients can return to the regular activity immediately after. A cooling gel is applied to the skin to avoid direct contact with heat, and the IPL system includes built-in cooling for patient safety and comfort.

        IPL Treatment Aftercare & Recovery

        On the day of your treatment, you'll be in the comforting and professional environment of DLK on Avenue. The actual procedure is relatively quick and involves strategically injecting the filler into the predetermined areas of your cheeks. The injector will administer the product with a fine needle, focusing on areas that provide the most natural and flattering lift and volume to correct the hollowed areas of your cheeks. 

        Cheek Filler Aftercare & Recovery

        After the injections, you might experience some swelling, redness, or bruising, which is normal and will subside quickly. Your injector will provide you with aftercare instructions to ensure a smooth recovery and optimal results. 

        As the product we use for most cheek fillers stimulates your body's collagen production, the results will become more apparent over time, usually within a few weeks to months after treatment. 

        Follow-up appointments may be recommended to assess your progress and determine if additional sessions are needed to achieve your desired outcome.

        Benefits of Cheek Fillers

        • Volume Restoration: Adds volume to cheeks, revitalizing facial contours and restoring youthful plumpness, addressing hollow areas or asymmetry for a balanced look.
        • Enhanced Definition: Strategic injections around cheekbones enhance definition, creating a sculpted appearance that accentuates natural facial contours.
        • Wrinkle Reduction: Minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by adding volume beneath the skin, leading to a smoother, rejuvenated complexion.
        • Customizability: Offers highly customizable treatments tailored to individual aesthetic goals, with long-lasting effects that maintain cheek volume and definition for an extended period.


        Are You a Good Candidate for Cheek Filler?

        Are you curious about cheek fillers and whether they'll give you the desired results? Reach out to us! Dr. Kellet and the team at DLK on Avenue are ready to tailor a treatment plan just for you.


        Are There Risks and Side Effects of Cheek Filler Treatment?

        Cheek filler treatments are typically safe, particularly when performed under the expert care of professionals such as Dr. Lisa Kellett, who specializes in this field. However, as with all cosmetic procedures, there are potential risks and side effects.

        • Swelling
        • Bruising
        • Skin discoloration
        • Pain or discomfort
        • Itching
        • Bumps or lumps underneath your skin

        Remember, most side effects are mild and temporary.

        Is Cheek Filler Treatment Right for Me?
        To find out if Cheek Filler treatment is right for you, contact us directly. Dr. Lisa Kellett will assess your needs and develop a program built specifically for you.
        To schedule your treatment or consultation please call 416-440-2597
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