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DLK_Cares_LogoAt DLK On Avenue, it is of the utmost importance for us to be an active part of our community. To accomplish this goal, we have maintained a policy of continued support for local hospitals, charities and foundations.  Dr. Lisa Kellett regularly treats children with traumatic scars, burn scars and surgical scars for free as part of our way of giving back to the community. In addition, recent adult victims of violence have also been treated free of charge.

Exceptional Medical Skin Care is our focus and we are dedicated to helping people feel better about their skin and overall health. By doing so, DLK On Avenue is doing our part to improve our community’s health and attitudes.

Both Dr. Lisa Kellett and DLK On Avenue, also participate in a volunteer capacity throughout Toronto and appreciate the value and strength that such work adds to our city.

DLK Compassion for Kids Program provides services for children (and more recently adult victims of violence) who are candidates for laser and cosmetic treatments not covered by OHIP. The only pre-requisite is financial need. The program is based on the inability of a patient or their family to pay for elective services. All clinic costs, assessments, treatment costs, tests, follow up, medications are paid for and provided by Dr. Lisa Kellett so that these patients can receive the best of what the most up to date technology can offer.

This initiative, suitably titled “DLK Cares”, has been expanded to offer the clinic and its services to adult women who have been victims of violence.  These brave women, many of which have been through horrific trauma, receive cutting edge, effective treatments for free. This is Dr. Kellett’s way of “giving back” in an empathic, compassionate and tangible way that makes a huge difference in the lives of these women.  “I understand that helping with the physical scars of trauma is one way for many women to rebuild their self esteem and self respect by feeling better about themselves.” 

DLK on Avenue is a proud supporter of several Charities and Foundations...
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